Monday, January 25, 2010

"They Say"

a.) When I was a child, I used to think that our cities drinking water was safe to ingest. Today, experiments suggest that there are dangerous levels of chemical X in the Ohio groundwater.
b.) At the same time that I believe that love makes the world go around, I also now know that material forces drive history.
c.) Throughout my education in the field of psychology i have come to believe that Freud was a brilliant man, yet proponents of Freudian psychology question standard notions of "rationality".
d.) You would think that class discussions are run in a gender neutral manner, it has been shown that males tend to dominate class discussions.
e.) The film is about romantic relationships; the theme I discovered was that inner strength is all you need to move on from the tough decisions of life.
f.) I'm afraid the templates in this book will stifle my creativity, yet they create only a building block for me to advance from.

2.) If ever there was an idea custom-made for a Jay Leno monologue, this was it: the thought that men dominate class discussions. Isn't that like saying men are dominating the world? Whatever happened to taking turns? I used to believe this was an elementary skill, though now I'm starting to think those teaching our elementary school students should take some more curriculum time to teach this needed skill.
I happen to sympathize with the men only because they are unaware of how they are acting in public. Just because they tend to be louder and have strongly set opinions doesn't mean that they are correct or based on fact, though, perhaps because men are losing ground at such a fast pace in areas of life women were once absent from they feel the need to try and make up for it in this manner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was astonished at the feelings i possessed when asked to take a screen shot of my computer and reflect upon it; never before had i felt like just another person. My words could be any body's words, they possessed no voice. My name being added to my work meant nothing; it could have read any one's name and the person reading it would have felt the same way about the piece no matter who has published it. When i personally take the time to place my thoughts and ideas in to a text for others to see I want those reading it to know that what they are reading has come from me. This is a very important aspect of our society, mainly in an academic environment, taking credit only for ones own work. This is why we have such strict plagiarizing laws being enforced.
I believe digital space is best utilized when the composition being publicized is of factual matter. There is no voice to be lost when the subject matter contains no personal views or opinions. The use of digital space has made it possible for individuals on opposite sides of our globe to interact instantaneously. This way of communication will never take the place of face-to-face interaction, which is being pushed aside with ever technological advance we make. While electronic interaction is necessary for some situations i believe that we should, whenever possible, go back to the old fashioned face-to-face interactions where the voice in communication is never lost.